Geothermal New Zealand is an evolving collaboration that extends the diverse skills of New Zealand's geothermal expertise to countries exploring their geothermal potential, moving beyond the traditional consultancy support for which New Zealand is already well recognised.

We can introduce you to experts at every stage of a geothermal development, applying international best practices in exploration, resource confirmation, feasibility, design and procurement, construction, commissioning and operations.

The Geothermal New Zealand initiative provides a more comprehensive and valuable level of support to the international geothermal market. The track record for New Zealand expertise is recognised globally and the quality and success of recently commissioned plants in New Zealand have set new standards.

The rapidly maturing global geothermal market and the entry of a range of new players into this market, demand these standards be replicated wherever possible.

Geothermal New Zealand can provide innovative solutions in this new era of geothermal development.

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Should you require more information please contact:

Mike Allen or

Bernard Hill